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John Kerry,Joe Biden, and E.J.Dionne: Meet the Diggers

Tuesday, September 12, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I posted below on the new meme from the appeasement Democrats, echoed by E.J. Dionne this morning: That we are losng Afghanistan.

Perhaps Biden, Kerry, and Dionne should talk to the Diggers about not being on the offensive in that country:

AUSTRALIAN special forces troops in Afghanistan have been involved in the heaviest fighting since the Vietnam War, with one battle claiming the lives of 150 Taliban and al-Qa’ida fighters.

According to a report in News Limited newspapers today, six Australian soldiers were wounded in the biggest firefight, which lasted nine days in July.

Eleven Australian soldiers have been wounded in Afghanistan during the year-long special forces campaign, several seriously.

The latest battles were part of Operation Perth, which involves search-and-destroy missions in the Chora district, about 40km northwest of the Australian base in Oruzgan province.

More than 100 Diggers from the Special Forces Task Group are believed to have used superior weapons and overwhelming airborne fire support from three US Air Force AC-130 Hercules Spectre gunships during the biggest battle. Australian long-range patrol vehicles used Javelin anti-armour missiles and heavy-calibre machine guns.

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