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John Boehner, Ron Paul and Christopher Hitchens

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There is a lot of buzz this morning that Speaker Boehner won’t survive the next meeting of the GOP caucus, but he is lucky that the troops have scattered and that Christmas cheer will first obscure and then Iowa-New Hampshire frenzy will erase memory of this week’s utter smash-up. The GOP-electeds not closely aligned with the Speaker and every one of the would-be nominees have to be afraid of a 2012 spent worrying about another spectacular train wreck engineered by the cracker-jack strategy and communications team around the Speaker’s office, but whether there are enough numbers for Eric Cantor to pull off the necessary switch remains to be seen. Think of the difference between Michael Steel and Reince Preibus and you get just a hint of the way it could be if the GOP House majority had a clue about messaging and strategy. It is widely agreed that the Speaker is a nice guy and a wonderful, loyal friend, but the election of 2012 is about the future of the country, and the leader of the House has to know how to lead during such a crucial moment. It would take exactly one ill-timed episode like this week to crater the effort to remove the president next October.

“The Democrats set a trap and the Republicans walked right into it,” Charles Krauthammer writes this morning and as usual he is exactly right. Any reason to believe the same Speaker supported by the same staff won’t do the same thing ten months from now?

My column this morning addresses the latest undeniable proof that a vote for Ron Paul is a morally bankrupt act. Indulging trutherism should be up there with embracing any other form of unacceptable extremism in America. Caucus goers who stand for Ron Paul are also standing up for the idea that the American government executed 3,000 of its own people.

Today’s radio show is a replay of my last interview with the late Christopher Hitchens, a three hour exploration of his autobiography Hitch22, which first aired in July 2010, after his diagnosis and original round of treatment for cancer. The Hitch archive from my show is up to 60 chats, but this is the most comprehensive review of his life and work, and I hope you take time to enjoy listening to one of the great workers in words of our time.


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