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Is John Boehner Joe Banner? Plus Alex Berenson’s The Counterfeit Agent

Tuesday, February 11, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The House GOP again collapsed in the absence of leadership today, a complete mess of missed opportunities and unforced errors.  No strategy. No tactics.  No repeal of the terrible cut to the retirment benefits of active duty military that was the lowpoint of the House GOP tenure in the majority since January 2010–a slap in the face of the military that fought the war for the past dozen years. 

Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam fired his front office today, including CEO Joe Banner, after a miserable season, but the House GOP seems doomed to be chained to the gang that can’t shoot straight until November, hoping to win election on the promise that the other side would be even worse, but of course the cut to the career military was the GOP’s idea and so was the massive Farm Bill. 

Promises are being made today that the military COLA cut will be reversed.  Just like the promises that were made after the Ryan-Murray budget was revealed in December, promises that Hal Rogers, the Republican in charge of Appropriations, broke last month when he unveiled a trillion-plus budget that couldn’t find the $6 billion to put back into the military retirement.  The Republican Rick Roll of the career military is still on the books.  It is owned by the GOP.  Whether Harry Reid ever allows it to be wiped away remains in great doubt. 

And the GOP House is in the ditch with everyone, with zip accomplished despite a president with falling approval ratings.  Reid runs rings around the House GOP every week, and when all the House has to do is nothing they screw that up as well as with the cuts to the military. 

This is the best the House GOP can do?  Really?  Screw the military and run away because a snowstorm is coming?

The first two hours of today’s show will focus on this latest collpase of GOP leadership, and then a conversation with Alex Berenson about his latest, The Counterfeit Agent.  It is a terrific read and will get your mind off the “the Counterfeit Leadership”

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