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Joe Scarborough Meet Pauline Kael

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President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA)

My column this morning argues that MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has fallen into the Pauline Kael trap of projecting on to the country the opinions of the various Manhattan-Beltway media elites whose collective judgment not only rallied to George McGovern in ’72 but which also was confident of Jimmy Carter’s re-election in 1980.

The fundamental conditions that drove the GOP landslide of 2010 remain in place, and the president’s incredible blunder of admitting near an open mic to the Russian president that he has a secret, post-election agenda which he cannot embrace openly now because of the pending election will mark the moment when he lost the ability to come back in voters’ minds.

Let’s be blunt: The president admitted he would be deceiving the voters from now until November on a critical part of his agenda. Even if his existing record was marginally acceptable as opposed to a long trek of disastrous innovations and failed “recovery summers” and gigantic deficits, still he would be in deep political trouble because of this admission of fundamental dishonesty vis-a-vis voters.

Mitt Romney, by contrast, has emerged from the GOP nominating process admired by all as a man of great personal character, and identified as a “moderate” by the MSM, which is not true but which will help with independent voters in the fall. And while the “war on women” nonsense might have worked in a pre-media literacy world, it is now just a risible Manhattan-Beltway media elite riff, every bit as authentic as Anthony Weiner’s staged outrages, and backed up by a moral standing every bit as imposing as Weiner’s, or Elliot Spitzer’s, or Keith Olbermann, or, most recently, the deeply bigoted Lawrence O’Donnell. Meanwhile, the conservative critique of Obama has spread far and wide, is understood, and is ignored only at the MSM’s peril, as Kurt Schlicter argues this morning in the Washington Examiner.

Things thus look very good for the GOP at this moment, far better than anyone could have imagined in November 2008, when Republicans were expecting a long, long journey in the wilderness. Now it is just a question of staying consistent and purposeful, and of raising money and networks of volunteers. The election will close to a dead heat, then Romney will surge ahead at the Tampa convention, Obama will get a huge bounce from Charlotte, then seesaw polls that are tweaked by turnout models to achieve the results desired, and then a “sudden break” to Romney to explain the widespread rejection of Obama on election night.

But it will take hard work and money. So as I head off to a long Easter weekend after today’s show, I ask that if you have any time this weekend –and a few dollars to spare the Republic’s future– you visit the banner box on the right marked Hugh’s List, and pick one or all of these races to donate some dollars to and commit to helping again and again. We need Romney to win, and we need the Senate back in GOP hands and the House majority in tact. Things look good. The win in November could be sweeping. But it will require a great deal of work from across the country, and it will require complete indifference to the spin coming out of the networks and the Obamian Beltway press and his Chicago gang of political thugs.

For a lesson in refusing the narrative of the MSM elites, read the interview below between Mike Allen and myself. Mike is a fine guy –a wonderful fellow in fact– and one of my favorite D.C. journalists, but his new book is full of the “made-in-Chicago narrative” that has infected every Manhattan-Beltway media organization. It is crucial to push back against that narrative every single day, and to do so not just to your friends and family, but also via contributions of time and treasure to the key campaigns, from Romney’s down to the NRCC. That’s why I put my list together, and why I hope you visit it sometime over the next four days.

Thanks in advance for diving in, and have a blessed Passover or a Happy Easter.


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