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Joe Klein’s Politics Lost

Wednesday, April 19, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Politics Lost is Joe Klein’s latest book, and a wonderful read for lovers of political inside baseball.

Klein’s critique of the Bush Adminsitration is conventional and unpersuasive, but his history of presidential campaigns and the consultants who came to dominate them is sparkling and funny.

Put Klein’s MSM perspective aside and enjoy the look back.

You can read the transcript of my interview with Klein at, which has also posted the transcript of today’s interview with Christopher Hitchens, who unloads on Princeton Professor Sean Wilentz’s silly cover story for Rolling Stone, “The Worst President Ever.”

I especially appreciate Joe Klein’s candor in admitting he’s never voted for a Republican presidential candidate, his description of Michael Moore as despicable and his lament about the lefty blogs.

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