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Pete Dominick Plays “Ask A Lefty”: Part 2

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HH: Time to play Ask A Left with your new lefty guest, Pete Dominick. He’s a Sirius XM radio host. You can listen to him every single day 3-6 on the Eastern Coast standard time. He also appears frequently on Post TV with the always, always charming Nia Malika Henderson. He is also a stand-up comic at The Stand in New York City. Will you be playing there? I’m going to be in New York December 30th through January 4th. Are you going to be up at The Stand then, Pete?
PD: I will probably take a break and spend time with the family over New Year’s, but I will be in Syracuse, New York, my hometown, headed home to see the folks and my 93 year old grandmother, and I’ll be headlining the Funny Bone in Syracuse this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Hugh.

HH: Oh, shout out to Grandma. What’s her name?

PD: Grandma is Beatrice Lobdell, and she is 93, sir.

HH: Oh, my best friend is named Lobdell, but he’s not from upstate. So I’m glad to know that. Well, a happy 93rd birthday to Beatrice. All right, are you ready now? This is the Ask A Lefty two segments of the Hugh Hewitt Show.

PD: Be gentle.

HH: All right, do you, you voted for Obama, right?

PD: I did vote for Obama.

HH: Twice?

PD: Reluctantly.

HH: Twice, though?

PD: Twice.

HH: All right, how about John Kerry in ’04?

PD: I did vote for John Kerry. I would have voted for Cookie Monster, though, to be fair.

HH: Did you vote for Al Gore? Did you vote for Al Gore in ’00?

PD: I did vote for Al Gore.

HH: Are you old enough to have voted for Clinton?

PD: I think I was, but I do not believe I voted.

HH: All right, so that’s unbroken. Do you own a gun?

PD: I do not own a gun.

HH: Have you ever owned a gun.

PD: I have owned a gun.

HH: Oh, you did? What kind of a gun did you own?

PD: It was a pellet pistol.

HH: Oh, that doesn’t count.

PD: That does not count?

HH: No. Do you favor abortion rights?

PD: I favor the right, I have two daughters, so I do whatever is best for them.

HH: Do you favor abortion rights?

PD: I do what’s best for my daughters. I leave that choice up to my daughters.

HH: Okay, so that’s favoring abortion rights.

PD: Well, I favor the right for a woman to control her body, yes.

HH: Right. That’s favoring abortion right. I mean, it’s not a hard question. These are not trick questions. These are not trick questions. How late would you allow abortions to occur?

PD: I would allow an abortion to occur as late as needed if the baby was not going to survive.

HH: Okay, but if that’s not the case, just an ordinary, they didn’t like, they decided to change their mind. Any limit?

PD: I don’t think so. I think in the third trimester, it’s probably a very difficult decision, but there’s a lot of circumstances, obviously, that would have to come into that factor. But again, that is a woman’s…

HH: So late term abortion, you’re okay with that?

PD: What’s that?

HH: You’re okay with late term abortion legally?

PD: I mean, depend again, dependent on the circumstances. But again, that is…

HH: Well, we’ve got to have a rule. Either it’s going to be legal or not legal.

PD: I don’t think it’s that black or white. I think there’s a tremendous amount of gray area. And if it is illegal, what do you do to doctors who perform it? You know, there’s just so many questions about it, Hugh. I leave that up to a woman.

HH: But I mean, this is not, we’re not passing a law today. It’s just your opinion, Pete. I mean, do you think that late term abortions ought to be legal? A lot of people do.

PD: I said there’s a tremendous amount of gray area. I’m telling you, I think each circumstance is a case by case issue. I mean, if a woman has a child…

HH: But that doesn’t work at a law. That’s a bad…

PD: What’s that?

HH: You’ve got to have a law. I mean, people have to know if they’re breaking the law.

PD: I would leave it up to states.

HH: Okay, that’s fine. That’s good. Leave it up to states. Do you think dope should be legalized?

PD: Absolutely.

HH: How about heroin?

PD: Yes.

HH: Ecstasy?

PD: All of it.

HH: All right, same sex marriage?

PD: Oh, come on. It’s 2013.

HH: All right.

PD: Hit me with something hard, Hewitt.

HH: Polygamy?

PD: Consensual? Yes.

HH: Really? How many?

PD: As many, hey, if it’s consensual, I’m fine with that. I don’t know why it’s consenting adults. You can marry as many as, you know, listen, Hugh, if nine, ten women want to marry me, which I’m not going to lie, that’s a little bit of an over-exaggeration, maybe, let’s say, four or five, they want to be with me, you know…

HH: Okay, no problem for polygamy. How about, did you favor the invasion of Afghanistan?

PD: No.

HH: You didn’t? Why not?

PD: Because the military experts that I consulted did not think an occupation of a country that had been occupied before by Russia with our support would work.

HH: Wait, occupied by Russia before with our support?

PD: Occupied, well obviously, we did not support Russia.

HH: All right, just checking.

PD: You know what I meant, Hewitt.

HH: Just checking. Always listening, always listen to the guests.

PD: You know what the best book on, can I throw something out there?

HH: No, no. We’ve got to keep going, marching here.

PD: All right.

HH: If you didn’t favor the invasion of Afghanistan, you didn’t favor the invasion of Iraq, obviously.

PD: Only Sri Lanka. I’m on the record for that.

HH: Did you favor the passage of Obamacare?

PD: Absolutely.

HH: How’s it working out?

PD: I think that it’s, a lot of the benefits that are out there, I think a lot of people are taking advantage of. I think it’s really epic, a really great thing. I was someone who was on the individual market for a very long time, was making really good money, and yet I could not afford health care, and I was healthy. So I was a victim of the insurance.

HH: So you, it’s gotten you, I’m sorry you were a victim of the insurance, but you think Obamacare is working?

PD: I think it’s starting to, absolutely.

HH: Where?

PD: I mean, look at what’s going on in California’s exchange. I mean, it’s obviously…

HH: How many people are covered in California?

PD: It’s had a tremendous amount of trouble at the beginning, but I trust that it’s…

HH: Actually, actually, how many people…

PD: I trust that it will work out.

HH: How many people are covered in California right now, as of today?

PD: That would have to be something I would Google.

HH: And so, but how did you know it’s working out in California?

PD: I read a whole great article about it just now.

HH: By whom?

PD: Jonathan Cohn, I believe, who is an expert on this issue.

HH: Oh, Jonathan’s a totally in the tank for Obamacare nice guy.

— – – – –

HH: Where are you going to be playing in Syracuse, Pete?

PD: I will be at the prestigious Funny Bone comedy club. It’s a great new club at Destiny, U.S.A. in Syracuse, the big megamall.

HH: All right, back to your inquisition, because of course…

MP: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

HH: Where did you see the Jonathan Cohn piece about Covered California?

PD: I was wrong about that. It was Fox News and ProPublica both have a piece. ProPublica, what do you think of them? Why just dismiss the source and not talk about the fact?

HH: It’s an interview, not an argument. Now who’s the dumbest lefty…

PD: No, no, no. I don’t want to play.

HH: Oh, no, you’ve got to play. You agreed to play.

PD: You can’t just do that…

HH: You got the rules.

PD: Yeah, but you’ve got to, you can’t just say where did you see that, then I tell you where I saw it, and then you dismiss it.

HH: Art Fleming…I didn’t dismiss it. I’m just getting it down, ProPublica. I just thought Jonathan Cohn, I hadn’t seen it. I read most of Citizen Cohn’s stuff, just wanted to check. Glad you corrected it. Who’s the dumbest lefty commentator out there? Is it Ed Schultz?

PD: Oh, I don’t like any of them.

HH: All right, but…

PD: I really don’t like any of them. Not a fan of Ed Schultz. I don’t really listen or watch too much of them, to be honest with you.

HH: Ever heard of Michael Hiltzik?

PD: I’m more of a policy expert guy.

HH: Ever heard of Michael Hiltzik?

PD: Yeah, the L.A. Times columnist, right?

HH: You’re the reader. We found him.

PD: Yeah, I think he’s good. He’s pretty good.

HH: You’re the guy. Okay, just was checking on that. Okay, what’s the capital of Canada?

PD: The capital of the entire country of Canada?

HH: Yes, yes.

PD: Or the capital of…

HH: No, the capital of Canada, no looking on Wikipedia.

PD: I think the capital of Canada is, what is the capital of Canada? Great question. I’m going to wager nothing. I’m going with, and I’m not looking it up, so I’m going to be a jackass. I’m going to say it’s Toronto.

HH: Nope, it’s Ottawa.

PD: Damn it.

HH: All right, will you vote for Hillary?

PD: Would I?

HH: Yes.

PD: No.

HH: If she’s running against Chris Christie, you’ll vote for Christie?

PD: Well, no.

HH: And so, if you…

PD: No, but I mean, listen. I am not a, I have a hard time voting for a Republican or a Democrat. I’m not a registered either. I’m an independent.

HH: That’s okay. I didn’t ask that.

PD: Yeah.

HH: I said if Hillary’s running against any Republican who is remotely possible as the nominee, Christie or Cruz or Rubio…

PD: I would vote for John Huntsman.

HH: I’m not offering you that. He’s not even remotely possible. I’m offering you the reality of the choice of Hillary versus Christie or Rubio or Cruz or one of the Republicans, John Kasich, Scott Walker, you name it. There are a bunch of them.

PD: I would move to Ottawa.

HH: Now come on, who would you vote for really?

PD: Well, I would vote for Hillary over any of those men.

HH: All right, there you go. Now since you’re a Hillary supporter…

PD: I’m a feminist. I go for the woman.

HH: Since you’re a Hillary supporter, what did she accomplish as Secretary of State?

PD: I am not a Hillary supporter.

HH: All right. So as a Hillary observer, what did she accomplish as Secretary of State?

PD: Not a great deal.

HH: Anything?

PD: Hillary, Middle East, nothing really there. She didn’t get us into trouble, which many secretaries of State do, I think. As I say, I don’t think she did anything terrible, but I don’t think she had as many accomplishments as people…

HH: Not many? I’m just looking for one.

PD: Yeah, I can’t think of anything off of the top of my head.

HH: Nothing? Zero?

PD: I think that it is a great accomplishment, and you want everything in black and white, Hugh, and I appreciate that for the lightning round here. But I think that it’s a great accomplishment to not screw up too royally in that job.

HH: Okay, in the category of not screwing up too royally, in the category of not screwing up too royally, what did she do on the night of the Benghazi attack?

PD: Yeah, I don’t think that, I don’t buy any of that stuff. All that stuff that you believe about Benghazi and everything, I don’t think so.

HH: Actually, I have never spoken to you. You have no idea what I believe. I’m just wondering…

PD: Yeah, I do. I looked into it.

HH: What do you believe?

PD: You’ve got a little ribbon on your Twitter…

HH: That says don’t forget the, that stands for…

PD: …icon. You’re a big Benghazi guy. You think Benghazi’s a big conspiracy theory.

HH: What’s that little ribbon stand for?

PD: …and all that.

HH: What’s that little, no, what’s that little ribbon stand for?

PD: I would imagine it stands for commemorating the loss, those who lost their lives that night.

HH: Yeah, that’s all. It’s not a conspiracy to commemorate four…

PD: Well, I know, but if that’s the issue that you throw on your Twitter, that must be a big deal for you.

HH: It is. I think if you lose an ambassador and three other great Americans to terrorists, you ought to remember them.

PD: Well, of course, but I’m a New Yorker, and I have an Oklahoma City pin on my backpack, so I care about a number of different issues.

HH: That’s fine. That’s okay. Now just tell me what…

PD: And I’m a huge veterans supporter, so I do a segment every week with veterans. You talk to veterans every week?

HH: No, not every week. No, no.

PD: You should introduce veterans to America every week. You’ve got a huge radio show that dwarfs mine, and I think America, you know, veterans’ families, they’re under 1% of Americans, they pay all the costs of our wars, and Americans need to know exactly what they’re doing.

HH: I think I do okay in that regard. We’ll let the audience tell you.

PD: All right.

HH: Do you know what Hillary did on the night of Benghazi?

PD: Do I know? No, I don’t. Next question. I can’t stand talking about Benghazi. It’s such a farce. The whole entire thing is such a, the idea that we focus on the firefight in Benghazi, and we had an entire war filled with firefights where we haven’t investigated. I mean, it’s pathetic to focus too much time on it. Let’s move on to the next one.

HH: She…

PD: I don’t like Hillary Clinton. I am not a supporter. So what do you want from me?

HH: She called Mr. Hicks that night at 2:00 in the morning.

PD: I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, who Mr. Hicks is. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a Monopoly character.

HH: You don’t know who Mr. Hicks is?

PD: I don’t care. I really, honestly, Hugh, that’s a terrible thing that happened. The idea somehow that there was a conspiracy or that somebody made some major mistake, again, I defer to the military experts and leaders, the chiefs of staff, the former secretary of Defense and a number of others who have weighed in on this to say there was, you know, it was a terrible thing that happened. So were all the rest of the lives that were lost in Iraq, and the firefights in Iraq, which were just as valuable as those lost in Benghazi. And you know, that’s how I feel about that.

HH: So when Hillary talked to Gregory Hicks at 2:00 in the morning, and then she didn’t call back, that doesn’t bother you?

PD: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

HH: All right, good enough. That’s fine.

PD: You know, listen, was there an investigation done in the September 11th? Now the Bush administration didn’t want that. I don’t believe in a conspiracy, Hugh, don’t get me wrong, but listen, that’s politics. I get it.

HH: Are you, did you say that 9/11 wasn’t investigated?

PD: You know, you know that the Bush Administration, President Bush himself, did not want an investigation. He did not want to go on the record. When he eventually did go on the record, he brought Dick Cheney with him to be next to him. You know that.

HH: Was 9/11 investigated?

PD: Of course, and so was Benghazi. And nothing was found. And nothing was…

HH: Did Candy Crowley, did Candy Crowley inappropriately intervene in the debate when Benghazi came up between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama?

PD: How is that, you know what? That’s, I don’t know, Hugh. That’s a good question. I felt a little uneasy about that. But I thought, I do think journalists should fact check in real time politicians whenever possible.

HH: Did she get it right?

PD: I think so. I think so.

HH: No, she got it wrong.

PD: But I’d be open to changing my mind. But I thought, I think Candy’s one of the best.

— – – –

HH: Okay, we’ve got to finish with sports, Pete. I assume because you are from Syracuse you are a lacrosse fan.

PD: Oh, Hugh, we are, you’ve got it. It’s my religion. Growing up in Syracuse, I might as well be a native America. My dream was to play lacrosse at Syracuse University, but I was like Rudy Ruettiger, not going to happen.

HH: Then have you interviewed Rorke Denver, former Navy SEAL, author of Damn Few, and former Syracuse…

PD: I’d go as far, right now on the Hugh Hewitt Show as calling Rorke Denver a friend.

HH: Rorke Denver’s your friend?

PD: He went to Syracuse University, graduated with a good friend of mine. He wrote a book with Ellis Hennican, whom I’m very friendly with. His book is fantastic, and boy, is he handsome.

HH: Yes, he is, and he’s a pal of mine, so I just wanted to make sure you weren’t going out there on the SEAL limb, so we just wanted to, because they’d have to kill you if you called him a friend.

PD: No, Rorke and I had a great interview.

HH: Great.

PD: I asked him all of the different ways he could kill me with just his thumbs.

HH: Excellent. Excellent interview. Ohio State-Michigan?

PD: Ohio State-Michigan? Who do I like?

HH: Yeah.

PD: I’ve got to, my wife is from Michigan. I hate Ohio State. It’s a strong word.

HH: Oh! Oh. We know what we’re going out with.

PD: Oh, really? Did I lose you?

HH: That’s Pete Dominick’s last appearance on the Hugh Hewitt Show.

PD: Oh, really? I’m so sorry, Hugh, but you know…

HH: That’s just terrible. Should Rutgers be in the Big 10?

PD: Yes.

HH: Okay, Notre Dame-USC?

PD: Definitely, oh boy, I was going to say USC, but the corruption there, I’m going Notre Dame.

HH: I mean, this is on a continuing basis. This isn’t like once they’re off sanctions. You’re not going back to SC, are you?

PD: No, no, no. Always Notre Dame.

HH: All right, just so you got one out of two right. Really, your wife is from Michigan?

PD: My wife is from Michigan, but I just, Ohio State…

HH: Where did you meet your wife if you married a Michigan girl, really?

PD: We met in Switzerland.

HH: Oh, well, she got out of the country. Most people do have to leave Michigan. And did she go to the University of Michigan?

PD: She did not. She went to Oakland University.

HH: All right, that’s…

PD: …which is in Detroit.

HH: Oh, I know. I went to the University of Michigan.

PD: My wife is a hard core Italian Detroit girl.

HH: Well, you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Pete Dominick. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

PD: Hugh, I love doing your show. It’s fun. I have to do your show while standing, because you keep me on my toes.

HH: Although you got a little twitchy about Hillary and Benghazi therer.

PD: No, I just, I wanted, I love playing the game, and you just hammered that issue. I’m not a Hillary supporter, and I didn’t pay close enough attention to Benghazi. I just simply wanted to get to your next question, because it’s fun.

HH: You need to pay more attention to Benghazi. Bad things happened there, Pete Dominick. Have a great Thanksgiving.

PD: Thank you.

HH: And listen to this song.

End of interview.


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