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Joe Biden at Princeton: Sexism and Homophobia Together Again.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The audio of Joe Biden’s 2004 appearance at Princeton is posted at My favorite clip comes as Slow Joe tells the Tigers assembled about a campus tour he took with his son and a young coed: “This magnificently attractive, intellectually and physically beautiful young girl, was asophomore, was showing us around,a nd I fuigured, man we got a lock now. My son is gonna really be interested, and, I know, senators aren’t supposed to say things like that but, ah, if he hadn’t been interested, I would have been worried.”

Keep in mind that Slow Joe, admirer of coeds, said in the hearings today:

Discrimination has become very sophisticated. It has become very, very sophisticated, very much more subtle than it was when I got here 34 years ago, or 50 years ago, and, um, and employees don’t say anymore, you know, “We don’t like blacks in this company,” or “We don’t want women here.” They say things like, well, “They wouldn’t fit in,” or you know, “They tend to be too emotional,” or, um, “a little high strung.” I mean, there are all different ways in which now it has become so much more subtle…

Can you imagine if any Republican senator was caught on tape saying what Joe Biden said at Princeton?


Duke University Law Professor Erwin Chemerinsky, a man of the left, on Joe Biden’s Princeton remarks: “I think Joe Biden’s comments two years ago were offensive and inapproriate.”

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