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Jim Talent for Senate, Mike Sodrel for Congress

Thursday, October 19, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Senator Jim Talent was my guest on today’s program. 

Talent is ahead in many polls, behind in others.  The Democrats have the fraud machine cranked up in the Don’t Show Me State, where election law reforms have been overturned by court decree.  He’ll need the GOTV effort to be hitting on all pistons, and that means cash is very crucial now.

So contribute generously, please, and you can do so online right now.

If you live in or near Missouri, or know someone who does, enlist yourself in the Missouri GOTV effort, and then e-mail your pals with the same request.

Congressman Mike Sodrel was also a guest, and Indiana’s 9th Congressional District is one of the keys to the control of the House, and a seesaw battle has been being waged day by day.  This is another great place to invest your political contributions, and you can do so online here.

If you are near southern Indiana (and that means you people in Ohio and Kentucky) sign up to help with the GOTV.

One of my arguments with defeatist pundits is that the time they waste polishing their Spenglerian credentials is time not spent on directing attention to those races that are in fact dead heats by anyone’s estimate. Bad mouthing GOP fortunes does in fact help elect Democrats if only by discouraging activists from coming to help in the toss-up races.

So, there will be time enough for finger pointing and recrimination if the effort to hold the majorities falls short.  Until then, I prefer to put my time into electing serious candidates who will vote for victory in the war and lower taxes at home to keep an incredibly strong economy exactly that way.

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