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Jeff Crank for Congress

Sunday, July 30, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I spent most of Saturday campaigning with Jeff Crank, a candidate for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District.  Jeff’s been endorsed by the District’s retiring incumbent, Congressman Joel Hefley, by House Armed Services Committee Chair Duncan Hunter, by Congressman Tom Tancredo, as well as the key members of the Colorado State Legislature, the president of Focus on the Family, the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce etc, and I was was happy to address groups on his behalf this afternoon beginning at the Rodeo Hall of Fame in the Springs and ending in Canyon City.Jeff Crank is a very, very good man and will make a very good Congressman.

And his three year old insisted on wearing a Cinderalla gown to the first event!

Late in the day Jeff’s campaign manager received word that the “Christian Coalition of Colorado” had attacked Jeff for the second time this week via “direct mail”. This attack was another attempt to introduce misinformation into the campaign, and telegraphs desperation as well as a willingness to lie as a means to win.  Such tactics play into the hands of those who would discredit the efforts of people of faith to influence politics. Jeff deserved the vote of all GOPers before these attacks, but now they need to support him as proof that the party will not be swayed by dirty tricks. 

Will such tricks work?  No.  Jeff is a great candidate being attacked by the worst elements of the professional hit squads.  I don’t believe that people of faith are easily fooled.  I hope they will not be swayed by the attempt to distort “faith” in the effort to win an election. 



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