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Jeane Kirkpatrick’s 1984 “San Francisco Democrats” Speech

Thursday, August 4, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of producer Duane (@radioblogger to Twitter people –every ten years, he rolls a strike), I was able to play the entire audio of Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick’s famous 1984 GOP convention speech on today’s show.

I did so because I am confident that five years from now, in the summer of 2016, the next Jeanne Kirkpatrick will be reminding the GOP convention of that day about how grave the times seemed under Barack Obama in the summer of 2011, and how the San Francisco Democrats had returned to power as they had under Jimmy Carter, doubted American exceptionalism as they had under Jimmy Carter, and predicted inevitable American decline as they had under Jimmy Carter.

Every bit of economic foolishness embraced by Jimmy Carter has been replayed by Barack Obama with the same results, but the turnaround will be all the greater for it, just as 1981 through 1989 proved to be the American renaissance of power and influence. Of course we cannot today be sure if it will be President Pawlenty, President Perry or President Romney who will lead the way anymore than in 1979 we were sure that it would be President Reagan who reinvigorated the American experiment, but the ability of the nation to spring back re-energized when recommitted to economic and political freedom should never be underestimated, even on days of market plunges.

To assist in the distribution of the Kirkpatrick audio and its accessibility across the web, Larry O’Connor has promised it will posted later at Thanks to Michael Short for the assist in unearhing the audio.

And for those interested in what brought Ambassador Kirkpatrick to the attention of Ronal Reagan, here is the link to her 1979 Commentary article, “Dictatorships and Double Standards.”

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