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Jay Mathews and Coach Brown

Monday, April 7, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

It is about time for my annual segments with Washington Post education writer Jay Mathews, who comes on the program to assure the millions of high school seniors who didn’t get into their top choice for college (or their 2nd, 3rd etc) that all will be well with their lives. Mathews is a remarkable writer, but also an experienced observer of this peculiar season of triumph and despair among students (and their parents), and his advice is always on point: Young people almost always end up at the right place, and if they don’t, they can change. Picking a college, Mathews always says, isn’t like getting married. It is like buying a house. If you buy the wrong one, sell it and find another.

In today’s paper Mathews provides a list of great education bloggers, and one suggestion caught my eye –“A Passion for Teaching and Opinions,” the blog of a teacher/coach in Ukiah, California. Here’s an entry on falling down in front of students that captures quite a lot about Mr. Brown.

The list Mathews provides is just a small sampling of the edubloggers at work, and he links to this list of the alleged top 100 edublogs. Enjoy.

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