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Jamaica Is Going To Need Help, Lots Of Help

Sunday, August 19, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Glenn has the details, and a link to this poem, from Fresh Bilge:

Prayer for Jamaica

Merciful Lord, spare Kingston’s ramshackle port,
spare Spanish Town and even Montego Bay.
Hammer the sea, but keep your storm offshore.
Let vessels safely reach their quays, and crewmen
lash them down. Let shantytowns stay roofed,
and coconuts not cannonball through walls.

Almighty, if it pleases you to rip
the tamarinds with sheets of windblown tin
and whip the alleyways with sparking wires,
if afterward a plague of flies and boils
afflicts the islanders, vouchsafe them faith
that they may build anew, yet believe in You.

WorldVision is a great way to help.  They are already there, and efficient in delivering emergency aid.

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