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Jacoby on Sgt. Boggs and Lt. Cotton

Wednesday, June 28, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Jeff Jacoby’s Boston Globe column treats the Times two and their most visible critics in the military.

Sgt. Boggs has responded to some of the coverage at his blog, and has a particular response to the Los Angeles Times’ Doyle McManus:

In an Los Angeles Times Doyle McManus:” target=”_blank”>interview with the Los Angeles Times Washington bureau chief Doyle McManus, Hugh Hewitt tells Mr. McManus that I and fellow soldiers are angry over his paper’s choice to publish stories involving secret information and that we believe they directly affect our lives. Mr. McManus chose to respond with a typical response for someone who knows nothing about the military.

“Well, I respect Sgt. Boggs, and I respect what he’s doing for our country. I think accusing newspapers of causing the deaths of soldiers over the last several years because of a story that was printed last week probably adds more heat than light to this discussion.”

What actually adds heat to the situation Mr. McManus is your paper’s choice to publish sensitive information. I am merely expressing what I and, from the comments I have received in the past two days, many Americans feel. And if you want light to come to the situation why don’t you and the rest of the editors who chose to publish the story come out and start answering the tough questions without placing the blame on people like myself.

Read all of Sgt. Boggs’ response, and all of the comments. I’m sure he’d welcome a comment or two when you visit there.

It would be a good thing if Mr. McManus responded directly to Sgt. Boggs, whose service Mr. McManus assured us appreciates. Appreciates enough, perhaps, to reply to?

For easy reference, Lt. Cotton’s letter is here.

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