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Jack Gilchrist of Gilchrist Metal Fabricating

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I knew that the Mitt Romney ad featuring Jack Gilchrist of Gilchrist Metal Fabricating had scored
when the lefties began to pump out attacks aimed at Gilchrist’s credibility. arguing that Gilchrist got government contracts and is thus disqualified from arguing that he and his family built the business.. (See the WaPo’s Greg Sargent’s very lame attempt to discredit Gilchrist as one example of the attempt to deflect the anger directed at the president for his arrogant condemnation of the hard work of the self-employed.)

So I sought out Gilchrist to get the facts behind his business: When and by whom was it founded; what does it do; how many people does it employ; what percentage of its business is because of the government; what sort of taxes does it pay? The interview will air in hour three of today’s show.

The transcript will be posted here later. Suffice it to say that the answers underscore that Gilchrist and his dad built the business, not the government. Don’t expect the left to do the sort of basic reporting that reveals the president’s rhetoric to be as empty as their attacks.

For a complete compendium of President Obama’s anti-private sector quotes, see the first ten and last five chapters of The Brief Against Obama. Best review of the Brief yet comes via Amazon from fellow author and pal Richard Botkin:

I have long believed that Hugh Hewitt is a national treasure. Having listened to him since he has been on the air in my area, and read a half dozen of his books, I am continually blessed by his cheery insights on politics, faith, service to country and optimism in outlook. It is unfortunate for all of us who love our country the same way he does that “The Brief Against Obama” is very easily his most important effort.

In 2008 America fell for the “Hope and Change” silliness. So many who voted checked their brains at the door of the voting booth, pulling for ‘cool’ and hip. Many of those same folks have since refused to acknowledge the failure that has taken place or that our country has been placed on a path to spiritual and economic ruin. We need to turn the ship around, and Hewitt makes the case in ways only he can. Demonstrating the erudition we have all come to expect from Hewitt the attorney and Hewitt the master communicator, he presents the case against Obama with cold, hard evidence. Hewitt very simply uses Obama’s own words and chronicles his actions to recount what is obvious to those who subscribe to his point of view.

This book was difficult for me to read in that it forced me to be reminded of the things I deeply wish not to consider–that America as many of us love it and want it to be–is being co-opted by folks with radical leftist agendas, being assisted by an in-the-tank MSM and electorate so clueless about the history of our country or the most basic understanding of free-market fundamentals, it boggles the mind. America is at a crossroads. The election in November will be, as was the election in 1980, an election to save the nation. Victory is our only option. Get this book into the hands of people willing to entertain the truth if they have not yet had the scales from their eyes removed. Thank you Hugh Hewitt for moving us closer to that victory.

Read all the Amazon reviews to date here, especially the one-star “didn’t read-it-but-hate-it” gems of the lefties.

The Brief Against Obama: The Rise, Fall & Epic Fail of the Hope & Change Presidency


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