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J-Pod A Traitor?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

That’s what his e-mails say.

Mine too, and for the same reasaon: I can imagine a good immigration bill that regularizes the status of the vast majority of illegal aliens in the country, provided it is accompanied by genuine border security (the fence and a much beefed up Border Patrol, employer sanctions, a new and tamperproof social security card, focus on illegals from countries with jihadist netorks etc.)

Kennedy’s team overestimated –by a lot– their leverage and did not give nearly enough to the GOP team to make the bill even marginally attractive to the Republicans willing or even eager to see a solid reform bill pass the Congress.  Now that all the senators know the lay of the land, they ought to retire to their conference room and start over.  They won’t, and the  amendment process will only further weaken the coalition behind sensible reform.

My long analysis if the bill is here.  My suggested priorities for the amendment process are here.

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