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I’ve Applied For The Job

Tuesday, October 9, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From Carl Bialik and Jason Fry at the’s THE DAILY FIX:

We’re looking for fans of the two eventual pennant winners to write odes to their clubs. Why are you a fan? Why should the Fates smile on them in this year’s postseason? Send a quick account of yourself and why you’re the perfect fan for the job to Deadline: Next Monday at noon ET.

Since Terry Pluto isn’t available, I am the logical choice.

First, you aren’t even eligible if you didn’t see Max Alvis and Daddy Wags play.

Second, if you even eligible if you haven’t read Russ Schneider’s What Ever Happened To Super Joe.

If you haven’t sat in Muny with about 1,500 die-hards and 78,500 empty seats, know what Beer Night means, can mumble about Wayne Garland in your sleep, listened to thousands of hours of Pete Franklin, or know why Jose Mesa has a particular place in World Series history, you aren’t eligible.

If you can’t hear Herb Score screaming “The Indians win the pennant!~ the Indians win the pennant!” you aren’t eligible.

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