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It’s The War, Stupid

Thursday, September 28, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Even as usually level-headed pundits like RealClearPolitics John McIntyre join with fever swamp vapors-inhaling agenda journalists and pundits in pushing the “Senate-in-play” meme, it is time for the clear-eyed to state the obvious:  Voters are smart, and they are concerned that the nation be defended.

Which means that they will not be voting Democrat.

Lieberman is crushing Lamont because Connecticut voters want a serious senator on issues of national security.  The same dynamic will help George Allen, Conrad Burns, Mike DeWine and Jim TalentRick Santorum is the only GOP incumbent facing off against a Democratic nominee pretending not to be in favor of retreat in the face of the enemy, and thus his race is the toughest. (And he deserves your first contribution as a result.)

The Republican who will lose –please, God– is Lincoln Chafee who is fecklessness defined when it comes to national security.

Anyone remotely aware of the rhetoric of the Democrats and of the positions of their supporters will shudder at the prospect of their ascending to the majority. That’sthe story of 2006.

It’s the war, stupid.


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