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Its Raining Obamacare Waivers In San Francisco

Tuesday, May 17, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

This Daily Caller story is incredible. The crony capitalism of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi is repugnant on every level, but the brashness of rewarding friends and punishing enemies (like Boeing which wants to open a new plant with hundreds of great jobs in South Carolina) is stunning. The president and his congressional allies just don’t care that the waiver from Obamacare’s destructive burdens is so obviously, transparently a function of who you know.

I wrote in the Washington Examiner yesterday that Romney’s “repeal-by-waiver” approach to Obamacare is brilliant, and advocacy for it also presents an opportunity to remind voters every day that Team Obama corruptly dishes out favors to its friends. Every Republican candidate ought to promise to open the waiver window for all comers on the first day of the new presidency as a prelude to complete repeal.

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