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“Its Mitt or Me”

Tuesday, October 18, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

In tonight’s CNN debate, Governor Rick Perry has a simple message to deliver. It can be done with a gracious nod towards the efforts of others on the stage to move the campaign forward and to introduce crucial ideas.

But the reality of the campaign is that Herman Cain cannot sustain his surge, and even if Rick Santorum mounts one in Iowa, the math is becoming increasingly unlikely that he could raise the cash to compete down the road.

“Its Mitt or me,” the Texas governor should declare, and focus the choice where it really exists. The current governor might even want to challenge the former governor to a one-on-one debate, or a home-and-away series in Boston and Austin.

This doesn’t involve slashing attacks on the former Massachusetts governor like those Byron York notes President Obama is unleashing on the likely GOP nominee, just a plain spoken truth about where the race is and where it is headed.

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