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“[I]t would take approximately 11,308 years of tire inflation to equal the energy we can obtain by developing our own petroleum resources.”

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Powerline’s John Hinderaker is a litigator, and so he pays close attention to assertions and the evidence –or lack thereof– behind them.

He’s also careful to keep focused on the original assertions made by Obama concerning tire inflation and its impact.

His first post on Obama’s first “inflated tires” assertion is here. It notes that Obama’s first assertion was that if we all had properly inflated tires we could save “all the oil that they are talking about getting off drilling.”

John followed up with this post on the continuing attempt by Obama and his MSM allies to recover from this pratfall. John notes that the maximum savings of oil from tires and tune-ups (and this generously assumes all cars have underinflated tires and need tune-ups) is 420 million barrels of oil a year. (Not only does this number overestimate the need for the remedial actions it also assumes perfect compliance in a country of people for whom non-compliance is a creed.)

The beauty of the second post is that John dug into Time Magazine’s defense of Obama and dissected the assertion by reporter Michael Grunwald that the outer continental shelf could only produce 200,000 barrels a day despite reserves there of at least 18 billion barrels. John discovers that the 200,000 estimate was based on oil priced by the market at $60 a barrel, not $120 or higher.

The price of a commodity greatly impacts the lengths to which industry will go to retrieve it, which is why we are having this debate. Even as the oil bubble –hopefully– begins to break, we know that we are living in an age of increasing demand and declining supply. We have to get the infrastructure in place to utilize our own resources, and we have to start now. The Obama-Pelosi-Reid Democrats want to do nothing but pump up your tires.

They were wrong about the surge and the war. They are wrong about energy. Dismay with the GOP is high, but the willingness of the Democrats to continually display their collective disdain for facts, common sense, and the economic and national security well being of the country gives John McCain and the Republicans some hope provided they keep hitting on these big issues: There’s a war going on that we have to win, and there is energy available that we have to go and get.


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