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It Never Rains In California…

Thursday, October 19, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Leaving Cleveland and back in my SC studio by show time, but in the air until then.  I give you Geraghty, The Indispensable.

JG’s point of view seems to be, “Who are you kidding?  It is a war.  We don’t elect loony, defeatist Dems in the middle of a war.”

The latest “poll” from Maryland suggests he is correct.

And Zogby’s attempt to rehab his credibility is very encouraging as well, with his Wall Street Journal polls putting Talent, Corker, and Kean ahead, and DeWine closing to 4 and Santorum to 6.  Given the absurd brokenness of the polls this cycle, all five of these senate seats could go GOP.  (Here’s one post on why Zogby needs a solid cycle –one more laugher and no one will care what he predicts.  The pressure on Zogby to avoid eclipse make his numbers more interesting though not more reliable than the other tote sheets.)

The short course on Election ’06:  Enough spin to choke a hippo, but fundamental uncertainty within the MSM and among their hirelings as to which voters will actually turn out and what those who do believe.

Having visited Minnesota, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Ohio over the past five days, I am certain that the GOP GOTV effort is vast and energized. The idea of a disengaged and disillusioned base is absurd, a talking point of lefties boosting lefties.

I have also not seen any “Foley effect” among faith based voters who remain very committed to exercising their franchise and clear about the differences between the parties.

But I have also seen an MSM deployed in every way to obscure and distort, as opposed to collect and report.  (The Minneapolis Star Tribune’s nuttery on the editorial page, to cite the most obvious example, invaded its “reporting” and long ago diseased its “polling.”  But it seems as though the combination of new media and long exposure to the ravings of the Strib has innoculated level-headed Minnesotans who are not going to stay home because the Strib’s various agents imagine a Pawlenty defeat ordream up a Wetterling surge.)

Does the MSM cancel the GOP’s GOTV and seriousness on the issues?

I don’t think so, especially with the president doing what he does best with O’Reilly  etc.

I’ll review the data with Mark Steyn in a special hour long appearance by the columnist to the world.  To prepare for the next 19 days, you’d be wise to order America Alone asap.


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