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Israel Updates (And Pizza for the IDF!) (With Updates)

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UPDATE 10:15 AM PSTBig Pharaoh’s pop knows the score. And The Real Ugly American links to reports that the leader of Hezbollah is dead.  END UPDATE

Round-ups available at Pajams Media, Chris at Home, Reihl World View, and of course Yoni’s blog.

For those who don’t listen to the program, Yoni is a frequnet contributor, a 20+ year veteran of the Israeli defense services who retired to Washington State.  A lot of folks in the U.S. are commenting on the battles in lebanon and Gaza; Yoni has fought in battles in Lebanon and Gaza.  He is a very conservative, Orthodox Jew and a frequent critic of the Israeli government from the right.  His blog is new, but is already an amazing surce of crucial stories and unusual information.  (Did you know you could send take-out pizza or burgers to the IDF?)  Boomark Yoni’s site and return often.

Commentary from Powerline and The Belmont Club.

It seems certain that the fighting will escalate today and through the weekend.  More than a few people are wondering as well if this isn’t the time that Israel decides to set back Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Yesterday’s interviews on the crisis, wqith a key excerpt from each:

Victor Davis Hanson:

And after Oslo, and after all of these, as I said, sober and judicious diplomacies, the Palestinians and Hezbollah thought the Israelis were rational, they had this good life, they wouldn’t want to give it up. They were willing to incrementally be attacked. They might have a little appeasement. Now, the Israelis have to say to Hezbollah, we are crazier than you are, and unlike you, we can inflict a lot more damage, and we really don’t care what the world says, because we’re not going to live like this in fear. Even if you don’t take out a power plant, and even if you don’t make life miserable, we just don’t want to live where one or two Israelis gets killed every week by one of these crazy rockets. So we’re crazier than you, and you’re really going to pay this time.

Michael Ledeen:

No. No, because nobody who looks honestly at Syria can come to any other conclusion than that Syria’s a mortal enemy of the United States right now, and that that regime is doing everything possible to kill Americans. I have a son who is a Marine officer in Anbar province in Iraq. And every day and every night, thousands of terrorists come pouring across the Iraqi border from Syria, trained in Syria, armed in Syria, and they’re coming there to kill him. So I have absolutely no sympathy with people who think that somehow, some way, if you only look at it in a clever enough way, you can find good things to say about Syria. I can’t find anything good to say about Syria.

James Lileks:

And if the gloves at some point don’t come off, we’re going to be buried with them. They’re going to be crossed on our chest in the casket.

Mark Steyn:

You know, it wouldn’t take much to topple Baby Assad from his presidential palace. And I think when it became clear in the region that for example, Syria was allowing all kinds of insurgents to cross into Iraq, I think it should have been the United States Air Force that should have been buzzing Assad’s palace three years ago now.

I would appreciate receiving links to bloggers from Israel and/or Lebanon, Gaza, and the West Bank.  I will list them here for easy reference.

Lebanese Bloggers
The View From Here


The ever-eloquent Gregory Djererjian channels the Council on Foreign Relations.  (No, I don’t agree, but GD is as persuasive as the old establishment gets in the blogosphere):

I think Israel is making a strategic mistake by over-reacting to Hezbollah’s provocations (the IDF should have limited the lion’s share of its retribution in the south of the country, near the border, or only very specific Hezbollah-related targets elsewhere). If Bush and Rice don’t exert pressure to very significantly cool down the offensive by early next week important American interests will increasingly become jeopardized, as ironically increased chaos in Lebanon will likely strengthen Iran and Syria’s position there, rather than weaken it.

Spoken like a fellow far from cities on which rockets fall.  How would the United States react if scores and scores of rockets fell day and night on San Diego and Seattle?  If terrorists operating from safe havens in Mexico and Canada crossed our borders, killed our troops, and kidnapped others for hostages.

Israel is not an appendage of the United States foreign policy establishment.  We should expect it to act as any sovereign state would act under similar circumstances.


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