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Israel Turns 60

Thursday, May 8, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

A grand day in our ally’s history.

John McCain, from yesterday’s interview, on the U.S. support for Israel:

HH: On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times reported that Hezbollah has amassed a new arsenal of 27,000 rockets, including many that can reach Tel Aviv. How would Hezbollah view the U.S. differently with you in the Oval Office, Senator, versus Senator Obama?

JM: Well, I think they would fully understand that I will not allow Israel to be destroyed. And I will do everything possible to protect the state of Israel from being, “wiped off the map,” as you know the president of Iran has repeatedly stated as his nation’s fundamental belief and policy. And I will not sit down and talk to this Iranian president, who restates that commitment, whose country is exporting into Iraq most lethal devices, apparently, according to General Petraeus, training, even, terrorists in Iran to go back into Iraq, jihadists. And so this is a nation that must be restrained. And they have to understand…I’m not talking about obliteration, I am talking about, Hugh, that the consequences of unprovoked attack on a free and democratic nation are very severe, and that the price they would pay would be far greater than any success that they might enjoy. And I will not specify exactly how we would react, because then, I think we’d be telegraphing our punches. But have no doubt of our dedication to the independence and freedom of the state of Israel. I’m sure you know that down in the southern part of Israel, on the border with Gaza, they are launching rockets quite frequently into Israel, into a town in southern Israel, where the children have a fifteen second warning time.


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