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“Iran’s plot to mine uranium in Africa” and Other Headlines from the War

Sunday, August 6, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

That’s the headline in the Times of London.  Powerline notes the need to “send Joe Wilson to Tanzania so he can come back and explain why this report can’t possibly be true.”

Chris at Home has The Big Roundup on the wider war, and a post on the Israeli-Hezbollah war that concludes that Hezbollah cannot be winning regardless of its press releases and the anti-Israel world media.

(Bloggers like Chris at Home and The Belmont Club have completely changed the way that serious people can obtain analysis of the war.  The old line, Council on Foreign Relations hegemony on commentary on foreign policy has been supplemented by able, thoughtful thinkers not trapped by the echo chamber.  This doesn’t supplant the CFR world-view, but sharpens it, and certainly provides Americans with a completely different set of views that help keep some focus on the wider war not colored by the need of the East Coast elites to mix reflexive Bush Administration bashing into every op-ed.)

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