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Iran’s Nuclear Program

Wednesday, January 4, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Someone gave the British newspaper The Guardian a top secret, “55-page intelligence assessment, dated July 1 2005,” on the Iranian drive for nukes, which “draws upon material gathered by British, French, German and Belgian agencies, and has been used to brief European government ministers and to warn leading industrialists of the need for vigilance when exporting equipment or expertise to so-called rogue states.” The article opens:

The Iranian government has been successfully scouring Europe for the sophisticated equipment needed to develop a nuclear bomb, according to the latest western intelligence assessment of the country’s weapons programmes.

Scientists in Tehran are also shopping for parts for a ballistic missile capable of reaching Europe, with “import requests and acquisitions … registered almost daily”, the report seen by the Guardian concludes.

Nukes plus missiles, plus radical leadership committed to the destruction of Israel: Is the world really going to do nothing and hope that Israel takes care of the crisis?

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