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“Iranian Opposition Group: Tehran Accelerated Nuclear Program.”

Wednesday, February 20, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

AP reports on the latest charges by an exile group (classified as a terrorist group by the U.S.) which has been extremely accurate concerning Iran’s nuclear program in the past:

Mohammad Mohaddessin, a representative of the Paris-based National Council of Resistance of Iran…claimed that, for the first time, Tehran had established a command and control center to work on a nuclear bomb and that southeast of the capital it was also setting up a center to produce warheads….

Four years ago, the group disclosed information about two hidden nuclear sites that helped uncover nearly two decades of covert Iranian atomic activity. But much of the information it has presented since then to back up claims that Iran has a secret weapons program has not been publicly verified.

Reuel Marc Gerecht has an op-ed in the New York Times urging the Bush Adminstration to demand one-on-one talks with the mullahs:

FOR those who believe -as I do -that the clerics who rule Iran must never have an arsenal of nuclear weapons, the United States’ course of action ought to be clear: The Bush administration should advocate direct, unconditional talks between Washington and Tehran. Strategically, politically and morally, such meetings will help us think more clearly. Foreign-policy hawks ought to see such discussions as essential preparation for possible military strikes against clerical Iran’s nuclear facilities.

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