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Iran Update

Sunday, June 21, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From the New York Times:

With police on the streets demonstrating a willingness to injure and even kill, one question political analysts and opposition members were beginning to ask was whether it was time to shift strategies, from street protests to some kind of national strike. It was unclear if the opposition had the support or organization, especially within the middle class, to carry out such a measure, but a strike would be immune to the heavy hand of the state and could wield leverage by crippling the already stumbling economy, analysts said.

It is hard to imagine a revolution succeeding by passive action, especially given the twittered warnings of night-time round-ups and hospital arrests indicating a state security strategy of reducing the numbers of dissidents every night. Some of the tweets repeat rumors that the army is turning, and others announce a Sunday afternoon demonstration. (Here’s the clock for current time in Tehran.)

The slow shuttering of Western media doesn’t mean that the turmoil isn’t continuing, just that the Iran-to-The West information flow is drying up. One key thing that the Obama Administration and other governments could do is release their knowledge of what is going on in the streets –there are lots of ways to do this without leaving fingerprints if that was the goal– so that those images and that information could be sent back into Iran via the social media platforms.

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