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Iran In Iraq, And The Possibility Of Staged Atrocities

Monday, January 15, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The transcript of my interview with Mitt Romney is here, and the transcript of my interview with Thomas Ricks is here.

A couple of key excerpts.  From the Romney interview:

MR: There’s no question but that Iran has global ambitions, and sees themselves as being the leader of the jihad. Ahmadinejad has made that pretty clear through his comments, and their involvement in Iraq, not to mention in Lebanon, is well understood by people throughout the world, and we have to recognize that we have to respond. And of course, anybody who is in Iraq, and is attacking our soldiers, is going to be a target of our retribution. And I don’t mean attacking Iran, but I mean attacking, responding to their soldiers that are there. I’d also note that I agree that the President is not opening up a new front against Iran, and I’ve heard that there have been people who’ve said oh, I think he’s opening the door to go into Iran. That is not what we’re doing as a country. We are doing our very best to bring stability to Iraq. But of course, if there are other parties like Iran that are in Iraq, then individuals firing on us will receive return fire.

From the Ricks’ interview:

HH: Do you expect to see, Thomas Ricks, staged atrocities [in Iraq]? And if so –like Hezbollah did in the summer war– and if so, will the American military be prepared and nimble enough to respond to them, and the American media responsible enough to give the context?

TR: Don’t know. There’s no question, though, that Muqtada al-Sadr, a supporter of Hezbollah, to my knowledge, he mounted the largest demonstration ever in their favor.

HH: But do you expect that they will try and rig the media war?

TR: They will use every tool they can. They are very smart, and they’re very tough, and they’ve succeeded in a very difficult operating environment. Sadr’s taken on the U.S. government twice, and has emerged not only alive, but more powerful.

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