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Iran, Health Care, and Cap-and-Trade

Monday, June 22, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I could devote every hour of every show to any of these three subjects given the significance of each. Because each is pressing forward, I juggle between them.

On Tuesday’s show I’ll host Newt Gingrich for a three segment conversation on the proposed massive energy tax masquerading as a “cap-and-trade system.” Background is here at the American Solutions website.

I’ll also return to the growing consensus that the Obama/Pelosi/Reid push for a “government option” or “public plan” is a disaster for American health care. Today I taped an interview with Professor Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School, co-author of The Innovator’s Prescription. The interview will air on July 6 along with two other in-depth conversations with experts in the field of genuine health care reform, just as Congress returns from its break to begin the debate in earnest. What is being pushed through the Congress is a radical restructuring of American medicine that will both break the bank and cripple the effective delivery of quality medical care. People have to get involved now if they are to have any role in the outcome.

Sign the petition to stop the “government option,” and check the TeaPartyPatriots website for a tea party in your area organized around the defeat of this massive expansion of the state.

Finally, and of greatest consequence to the globe, is the turmoil in Iran. The transcripts of my interviews from today’s program with Senator Jon Kyl and with AEI’s Michael Rubin will be posted here later. Rubin especially offered a sober assessment of the prospects for the protestors. Tehran is a “holding its breath,” writes the Times’ columnist Roger Cohen. If the protestors pause for long, their savage suppression will be a near-certainty.

Time is also running out to do whatever can be done for the courageous Iranians opposing the ruthless regime. There isn’t any real debate over which side is right in Iran, and there shouldn’t be a “split” in the U.S. over whose side we are on or how to calibrate our response.

There is perfect clarity. The only question is whether there is the political courage to express it.

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