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Instapundit Voters

Monday, August 1, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Glenn’s correct in part that folks who voted in Patrick Ruffini’s straw poll that came from my site are “more representative of the GOP primary voters,” but New Hampshire and Michigan, both early primary states in 2008, don’t run GOP primaries, they run “open” primaries. If everything is too tight to matter in Iowa, and Romney wins in New Hampshire, Allen in South Carolina, and Rudy in Michigan (with Romney a close second due to his deep ties to the state his father governed, then the Instapundit vote will have helped throw the race into the most competititve scramble of the past forty years.

Which is one reason why Michigan Republicans are thinking about changing the rules for voting in their state’s 2008 primary.

The real news in the Ruffini poll is that there are so few Frist partisans working the web. Fewer still, after last week’s declaration on stem cell research.

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