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The host off-handedly commented this morning that New York’s latest abortion law is infanticide.   He could not be more right.  The law permits abortion up to the time of birth.  I have seen people try to defend it on the basis that it is not “abortion on demand” until birth – that it only applies in cases where the mother’s life is in danger.  Please spare me.  If the mother’s life is endangered and the child is viable (which is 21-23 weeks currently) then induce labor, or take the child by cesarean, and put it in the NICU. (“neo-natal intensive care unit” for the Browns fans out there)  When we have the capability to bring this life to fruition how dare we end it?  Past the point of viability the only difference between abortion and what I just proposed is the mother’s desire for the child.  Well that and the question of who will pay for the NICU time – it is not cheap.

NY Governor Cuomo, supposedly a Roman Catholic, has been roundly condemned by Roman Catholic intellectuals and clerics.  Not being Catholic, I am in no position to judge, but the governor’s position certainly seems at odds with the precepts of his proclaimed faith to me.  While no government official should impose his faith on those he governs, I do not know how the governor could sign this bill and live with himself.  Question for the constitutional scholars out there – what if a chief executive declined to sign a piece of legislation, but did not claim to veto it?  I pray for the soul of any woman who confronted with a choice between delivering a child prematurely and trying to preserve its life when it has a decent chance of survival and ending its life, chooses to end it.  Or, will she have that option?  Will the hospital be making this decision based on how much coverage the mother and child have?  If you sit down and think about this seriously it is horrifying.

This transcends the political yet somehow it is deeply political.  I wonder if genuine leadership exists anymore.  The art of getting elected seems now to rest on giving people what they want, no matter how misguided or horrific it is.  Churches now operate on a consumer driven model – they endeavor to give the congregants what they want rather than ask the congregants to do what God wants.

Into the pandering fray steps Kamala Harris, noted enemy of all things Christian, calling for the abolition of private health insurance – calling the insurance industry “inhumane.”  Sure, I get that people want universal free healthcare – but given this NY abortion situation can you imagine the moral dilemmas that universal healthcare will create?  We are pandering ourselves into a moral corner here.  Instead of making money available because life is valuable, we are cheapening life – reducing it to mere dollars and cents.

Once man had become so wicked that God decided to start over.  But we grew so wicked again, that God felt the need for destruction.  I truly wonder what God has in store for us now?  So much evil and we make it seem so reasonable.

It is one of those times one needs to retreat to a prayer closet for only God has the answers.


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