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In The Democrats’ Huddle

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First, visit and register every organization in need of help in the recovery region.

When Senator Leahy pulls the Judiciary Committee Democrats together this morning, do you think he might say something like “Alright, folks, let’s try and not make complete asses of ourselves again. That goes double for you Joe. Stay away from sports analogies and Schumer, for goodness sakes, leave the twenty-year old references to amigos out of it. I’ll try and not slur my words if you’ll let him finish a sentence Ted. Alright, go out there and show the world that at least one of us knows what we are talking about!”

Probably not, but he should. Long ago Lileks remarked on Senatitus, a peculiar condition affecting members of the “greatest deliberative body in the world” that leaves them wholly unaware of their buffoon quotient, which is high even when in recess, and never higher than when preening on national television.

I confess, I am addicted to Slow Joe Biden. If he comes on the tube, I have to stop and stare, like every driver crawling past an overturned semi with ambulances and firetrucks and stretchers everywhere. Biden is quite simply the only cartoon with flesh I have ever seen, a wholly ridiculous fellow, but one who is completely unaware of his own absurdity. When I learned yesterday of his extraordinary record in law school, the picture grew even more complete. Smarmy. Obsequious. Thin-skinned.

Please, please, please run for president Joe.

Schumer is a close second –far, far smarter than Biden, and if anything his superior in ego as well. Schumer is nearly as compelling a small town political dinner theater show as Biden, but Biden is the champ. And we get more today, and another nominee in the wings.

Speaking of Lileks, he’s on jury duty. Now, counsel, how would you like that face to show up in your box? I am hoping some Twin Cities sharpie is reading this and asks during voir dire about Hummels and Chuck E. Cheese.

So Jarvis says good things about the new CBS blogger, and I wander over, willing to give anyone a try. What do I find? Why, praise of CBS journalists!

[F]or the most part, reporters have remained calm, balanced and unemotional even in the face of the most unspeakable circumstances. They’ve hidden their outrage beneath a veneer of objectivity. They’ve seemed, to many observers at times, not quite human.

Katrina was different.

“When you see people suffering the way they were ‘” especially when you’re in America ‘” it’s hard not to put your heart on your sleeve,” says CBS Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts, who anchored the CBS Evening News’ Katrina coverage from New Orleans. “The complete failure of the federal response effort provoked outrage in people who are normally impartial observers. I don’t think we should start pointing fingers, but I think we can reflect the sense of outrage on the ground and how that outrage affected us.”

Then he gets really edgy, quoting the boss at CBS news:

We’d like to highlight one example of CBS News taking a harder line than viewers have come to expect. During a special report on Katrina on Sept. 6, ’48 Hours’


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