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In One Fell Swoop…

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Well, one fell tweet anyway.  AOC this morning, responding to New Zealand:

What good are your thoughts & prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe?

And thus she moves from inane, nonsensical and amusing public figure to something much uglier.  God forbid that my sincere expression of love and sympathy to the survivors of the victims not rise to Ms. Cortez’ standards.  It’s amazing, but grieving people often focus on their loss and grief before they focus on Ms. Cortez’ or anyone else’s politics.  Some of us want to minister to that grief and loss before we start worrying about laws, movements, or causes.  Forget until a paragraph or two from now the deep religious signifigance to this and focus simply on the humanity.  Apparently in AOC-world there is no room for grief or mourning, and if you do dare take the time to do so, you best express it in more “acceptable” ways.  But then AOC is hardly the first grandstanding politician to step on someone’s grief and faith in an effort to advance their “thing.”

Yes, I confess, this particular liberal sentiment is a deep pet peeve of mine.  But then I think it reasonable to be peeved in the face of bigotry.

Ms. Cortez and her ilk are simply dismissive of the millions of people around the world that actually find prayer to be efficacious.  But Ms. Cortez takes things a step further than others have.  In saying “don’t even keep the pews safe” she is not only trying to shame those of us that do pray sincerely, she is calling into question the power of the receiver of prayer.  I don’t care who you are, or think you are, that is dangerous territory.

These people demand our respect and yet they feel free to trample on our deeply held beliefs with impunity.  One’s initial impulse is to strike back, hard.  But as a Christian I am called to something higher and better.  Christ chastised Peter when he struck at those that came to arrest Jesus.  I’ll take my cues from that.  As an American I must acknowledge that she has the “right” to utter such insults even if she lacks the good taste to withhold it.  Finally, I do not have to answer for God – God can answer for Himself just fine.

But I will say this.  AOC is not “cute” anymore.  She’s not “adorable;” she’s not “sweet;” she’s not “lovely.”  She may look that way, but it is a shell that hides an ugliness revealed in a single tweet.  It is an ugliness common to man, but most of us have the good sense to lean on a higher power and try to overcome.  All I can do is pray for her.

Addendum the next day: In which Andrew Klavin agrees with me on many points.


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