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In A Nutshell

Sunday, June 8, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Charles Black, senior McCain campaign advisor:

The country is still a slightly right-of-center country and [voters] think McCain is slightly right of center, and they think Obama is way off to the left.

The Washington Post piece in which Black is quoted runs through the familiar electoral college analysis. Obama tries to add Virginia, Colorado and New Mexico to his column; McCain targets Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Expect the Barack bump to push him ahead and then for McCain to narrow that lead beginning on Labor Day as the country focuses on the radical nature of the Democratic nominee’s record and beliefs and the pressing need for experience in the Oval Office in a time of war.

The election will certainly turn in part on the rural and small town voters that Obama thinks embittered failures. The MSM adores Obama, but media elites don’t elect presidents.

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