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Immigration-Education Reform, and the Kos Kids Love The Youth Sports Concussion Act.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The House GOP began to grapple with immigration reform yesterday, and missed the first chance to talk about education reform while doing so.

Every time the subject comes up the GOP House members have to talk about the kind of schools newly regularized children are in or will be herded into in the absence of school choice reform.  From the beginning of this debate, they ought to be demanding at least a federal tax credit for taxpayers providing a scholarship to these students to attend the school of their choice.

Every day the GOP doesn’t link immigration reform to education reform and border security is a lost day in the battle to make immigration reform a success on many levels.

Speaking of kids, I wrote about the “Youth Sports Concussion Act” in Monday’s Washington Examiner.  It is a terrible idea for Congress to become involved in this area, and the legislation could easily wipe out whole categories of youth sports much as CPSIA of 2008 killed off many, many businesses.

Here’s clue on how bad the draft legislation is from Tom Udall of New Mexico and Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia is: The hard lefties at Daily Kos love the proposal.

Oh, and “Talking with Pagans” is now #4 of all Kindle eBooks in the atheism category, which must bother the non-believers a bit as all of the atheists get hammered in all of the debates contained therein.

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