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“If We Can Find Some More Money, We Can Dish It Out” –Jerry Brown, 10/22/10

Friday, October 22, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Jerry Brown was asked about helping Hollywood last night on the local Fox affiliate. His answer is below, and it is not particularly noteworthy, until the inner liberal Democrat leaps out and Jerry declares what he will do when he gets his hands on any available cash –pick winners and losers.

Very Obama-and-Joe-the-Plumberish.

Indeed, Jerry also doesn’t seem to understand why film production has fled California. It isn’t about permits, but about tax policy. Does any Democrat anywhere in the United States understand that capital and production are mobile? Can go anywhere at any time, and will?

In an interview on my program this week, Meg Whitman pointed to the announcement by Intel that its newest facility will be built in Oregon. This is the choice facing California: Rebuild the private sector with pro-growth tax policy, or dish out tax dollars to favored constituencies while unemployment continues at 12.5%.


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