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If They Gave Out Pulitzers for Innovations in the Delivery of News…

Wednesday, July 19, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt


TruthLaidBear would win hands down. 

 And he does it for free.

 Here’s the summary.

 Here’s the blog aggregator.

 Here’s the map of the blogs.

 Here’s the news aggegator. (Be sure to scroll down.)

 This is an amazing set of tools, produced via open source news gathering, and destined to be a model for future news events.

Any old media product struggling to catch up (hello, Los Angeles Times) would be well advised to beg TLB to sell out to them and pay him whatever he wants.  Givenm what he’s accomplished on his own dime, he’s worth it.  News judgment plus blogability is a rare combination (as the old media websites updated every six hours show.)


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