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If A Tree Falls In The Forest And Declares The Race Is Over…

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GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney acknowledges supporters at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce convention in L.A. Photo: Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images / SF

After trying to invent a campaign-ending gaffe for Mitt Romney in Great Britain, and then trying to create a campaign-ending gaffe for Mitt Romney last Monday with his press conference on the Cairo embassy’s statement, the massed forces of the MSM are now trying to fashion a campign-ending gaffe for Mitt Romney out of a video of a fundraiser, but doing so not once but twice, first with the 47% excerpt and now with the excerpt of Romney talking about the Palestinians.

In all four instances Romney spoke the truth –London was shakey at the start of the games and it took some days to right the problems; the Cairo embasy statement was pure appeasement and wrong; 47% of the country is not paying income taxes and those folks are very unlikely to vote for Romney; and the Palestinians are not looking for real peace with Israel.

From these rather obvious statements MSM has flooded the zone with declarations that the campaign is over. Timothy Noah at The New Republic and Josh Barro at Bloomberg are just two of the examples of people you have never heard of declaring the campaign to be over even though Romney retains his 2 point lead in Rasmussen and even though those who read TNR or Barro’s columns number in the low hundreds. Because those hundreds talk to each other, they are convonced they have finally sunk the Romney battleship.

The series of attempted bums’ rushes directed at Romney has not moved the fundamentals of the race one bit, and even a dozen more won’t.

The country is living through a failed presidency. The nation is surrounded by crises, some of its own making others thrust upon it by the implacable hatred of pre-modern fury or the sweeping ambition of a rising China or a resurgent Russia. 23 million Americans can’t find a job and the president is listless, clueless and wholly without a plan for the renewal of the American economy much less the American spirit.

Candor from a candidate is wholly shocking to a fawning Manhattan-Beltway media elite grown accustomed to a remote, celebrity president who disdains their questions and whose every speech is laced with fable and feathery promises of far away places where the 47% go to the Olympics after peace is achievend with a two state solution and a second Cairo speech quiets the Salafist soul.

It is embarassing to have such a media. Not one that covers “secret” videotapes. That’s part of the beat and good for Romney to have to respond to.

But a media that refuses, day after day, to report on the issues that are actually driving the vote, driving fear that grips most voters.

With seven weeks to go Mitt Romney has command of the stage becaue the president won’t enter on to it for fear of revealing –again– his utter lack of a plan and his genuine contempt for the private sector. Michael Walsh at National Review is completely correct: Governor Romney should take advantage of the moment and declare again and again, as he has before, that this can all be turned around.



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