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IBD-TIPP 4%; Zogby 5%; Rasmussen 8%

Sunday, October 26, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

IBD-TIPP has the presidential race as a 4 point Obama lead.

Zogby’s Mr. Slinky poll is going down the steps this week, with a narrowing of the race to 5%.

Rasmussen puts the gap at 8% and the Obama support at a steady 52%.

If McCain stays on the tax hikes the Obama-led Democrats are planning and on Joe Biden’s candid warning that our enemies will precipitate a crisis to push a President Obama to the wall, the gap, whether 4 or 8, can close, and that’s without an imagined “Bradley effect.”

Sarah Palin continues to bring enormous energy and crowds wherever she travels. The attempt to diminish her impact on the GOP’s base continues and has zero effect on that base, which loves her because she is a fighter unlike so many Beltway Republicans. (The extraordinarily unfair coverage she has received from places like CNN is the subject of a great Claudia Rosett piece this morning –HT:

If the GOP keeps its losses down in House and Senate, the winner of every close race should send Sarah flowers. If McCain pulls off the upset, after the old aviator himself Palin will get the greatest share of the credit, followed by Joe the Plumber and Joe Biden.

As part of your last minute efforts, be sure to send a link to Perry Nunley’s Redneck Date to all your Pennsylvania friends and family, courtesy of Jack Murtha and Barack Obama.

(And be sure to send me any links to Obama/McCain relevant tunes, as well as CO, MN, and OH songs at The site has grown too fast for me to survey the offerings in the hunt for bump music for next the next three day swing with Dennis Prager and Michael Medved through those states. Pointers would be appreciated.)

UPDATE: Courtesy of Ace, Saturday Night Live reminds PA what Democrats think about them –really.

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