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I Love Harold Meyerson

Wednesday, March 22, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From his Washington Post column today:

The broadly shared prosperity that characterized our economy in the three decades following World War II is now dead as a dodo.

Perhaps Harold should look to his own paper’s advertising pitch:

Washington vs. Top 10 DMAs
Future Forecasts
Washington Continues to Grow in Affluence
Washington will continue to lead most other major markets in household income in 2008, when the average after-tax household income is projected to be $73,328.

2008 Average Household Income
DMA 2003 Average Household Income 2008 Average Household Income
S.F.-Oakland-San Jose $72,106 $84,113
Washington $64,416 $73,328
New York $60,514 $68,414
Boston $60,080 $69,302
Chicago $58,811 $66,405
Dallas-Ft. Worth $57,001 $64,559
Houston $55,636 $63,718
Atlanta $55,331 $62,355
Philadelphia $54,088 $61,138
Los Angeles $53,463 $59,277

Average for the Top Ten DMAs $59,145 $67,261

United States $49,722 $55,968

Note: Household estimates projected from 1/1/04 to 1/1/09.
Source: Claritas 2004 Demographics U.S.A., County Edition

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