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I Know Joe Sakic. Joe Sakic is a Friend of Mine. Peeps is No Joe Sakic.

Saturday, February 11, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

In June of 2004, I wrote a piece for the, “Black Blog Ops,” that predicted that the blogosphere would eventually be infiltrated by the the black bag men.

Little did I suspect that one of the first such counter-blog ops would be run against me, and by none other than Peeps, aka, Chad the Elder of FratersLibertas.

Peeps has been on something of an emotional yo-yo over the past few weeks, and the opening of the Winter Games appears to have sent this has-been figure skater over the edge. The result: He dummies up a screen shot lifted from my template and suggests it is really from this site.

When Joe S. gets back from Italy, we are going to have to conduct an interview about interventions among the ice-delusional.

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