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I Hope They Pay The Operators Overtime And Keep Them On Duty This Weekend

Friday, May 25, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Michelle Malkin has the details of a phone campaign on the immigration bill.  If lawmakers want to avoid further alienating the public in this debate, they’d best keep a staffer or two around the office this weekend to answer the phones, or at least make sure that their voice mail boxes don’t end up full and unable to take tape recorded messages.

A directory of senator’s offices is available here, and many of the links to the indiviidual senators’ sites include numbers for their state offices.  Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, for example, has six state offices, each with a number to call:



DC Office
Fort Wayne
South Bend

People eager to be heard should check today with the state offices to see if your senator has a speech or two that is scheduled for your part of the state over the long weekend, and if so, make an effort to be there.  Polite but firm insistence on the full fence first, a carve out for illegals from countries with jihadist networks, and a big plus up in the Border Patrol are the sort of demands that if made again and again could get into the bill and greatly improve it.

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