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“I don’t know anything about the blogs. I’m not responsible for those. I have no comment on them.”

Thursday, August 3, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Thus spoke Ned Lamont, creation of Kosputin and the rest, now fleeing from their onus.

Joe Lieberman was having none of it: “This is one of the most disgusting and hurtful images that has been used in American history, it’s deeply offensive to people of all colors, and it has absolutely no place in the political arena today.”

The senator is referring to the Huffington Post’s “blackface” photoshop posted by Hollywood producer Jane Hamscher, which was disappeared yesterday, but the effect of which is only beginning to be felt. last night.

Arianna defended the use of blackface photoshopping: “It was a satirical point she made in the picture, and there was nothing in the text that was racist, and there is nothing about Jane that is racist.”

(Arianna’s got some consistency problems when it comes to bigotry-generated outrage.)

Ned Lamont’s profile in courage reaction to the Hamsher post is revealing: What netroots?

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