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I am Very Very Very Sorry

Tuesday, August 8, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt


Gosh, I’m sorry. I missed all the fun. I had to take Mrs. Soxblog to the emergency room. (All is well now, and I swear her malady had nothing to do with distress over the Lieberman-Lamont race.)

I really am sorry. I was going to liveblog the whole boring thing. Amazingly, I think I got off easy having to spend the whole night in a grimy urban E.R. instead. For those who kept checking back expecting updates, I really feel badly. I’ll make it up to you with extra-good blogging tomorrow.

So it looks like Nedmentum carried this round. But it looks like Joementum came close enough to live and fight another day. Given the way the race has played the last week or so, the initial polls should show Lieberman with a big lead.

I think Joe will soon be brought down by the Sore Loserman taint of demanding a rematch, but what do I know? I said Lamont would win by 5 and he actually won by only 4, so my word’s not to be trusted in such matters.

As far as how this will affect the people powered movement, I’ll address that tomorrow morning. As far as how it will affect me, I’m going to sleep a happy man.


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