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Howard Fineman’s Take

Friday, December 23, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From Fineman’s MSNBC column:

We are entering a dark time in which the central argument advanced by each party is going to involve accusing the other party of committing what amounts to treason. Democrats will accuse the Bush administration of destroying the Constitution; Republicans will accuse the Dems of destroying our security.

I think this is a silly reductionism of a very important debate that is underway about seriousness in the GWOT. Republicans don’t think Dems are serious at all, and are trying to reurn to a 9/10 world that doesn’t exist. Dems think Bush is some sort of crypto-fascist, that the Patriot Act needs to be destroyed, and that we need to cut and run in Iraq. These are huge differences, and MSM does no one any favors by denying that these differences are real and deeply embedded in the two parties.

2006 will not be a “dark” year, but hopefully a andid one in which the electorate comes fully to grip with exactly what both parties stand for.

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