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How To Kill More Jobs

Friday, July 8, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Imagine that you sell German luxury cars, or service them, or cleans the places that sell or service them, or educate the kids of those who sell or service them, or sell burgers to the people who sellor service them. Then read this Wall Street Journal article which begins:

Achtung, fans of German high performance cars: your gas-guzzling rides may get harder to come by.

Future U.S. government fuel economy regulations could saddle auto makers with steep fines or even bar the sale of certain models. Violations of proposed government standards could cost auto makers up to $25,000 a vehicle beginning in 2016, up from current levels of $5 to hundreds of dollars per vehicle.

We have to get this set of Obama appointees and regulators out of their jobs and working in the private sector as opposed to destroying work from their cushy jobs in D.C..

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