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How Obama Lost Egypt and How Boehner Must Not Lose The Budget Debate

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Like President Carter’s abandonment of Iran to radical more than three decades ago, President Obama’s dithering on Egypt has led to the rapid rise of radical clerics. This morning’s New York Times provides the details of the gathering Islamist push for power. They have not triumphed yet, but the United States should be doing all that it can to prevent the region’s most important state from becoming a theocracy hostile to women and all other faiths and of course to Israel.

The Obama presidency has already proven to be catastrophic on many levels, though his faithful followers in the MSM try again and again to spin new arguments for believing it has been other than a disaster. The Democrats know they need a game-changer and thus they are pushing for a government shutdown, thinking this is a ticket to a second chance with the GOP. The cautious have combined with the appropriators in the Beltway GOP to push for a retreat from the confrontation, but Speaker Boehner has not agreed to this, and the examples of Governors Walker and Kasich argue against it. “Change is hard” Kasich said again and again on my program yesterday, and this is what the House leadership has to recognize and they must over communicate the urgency of the need for real change.

Harry Reid says the GOP cannot have their riders on Planned Parenthood and CPB, the EPA and Obamacare. Fine. That is extreme partisanship, a defiance of the majority of Americans as expressed in November. If Barack Obama and Harry Reid and the two dozen Senate Democrats facing re-election in 20 months want to shutter the national parks to guarantee tax payer subsidies for abortion and Manhattan NPR lovers and want to close preschool programs so that EPA bureaucrats have a free hand to regulate every entity in America while Obamacare continues to roll out and crush American healthcare, then that is the confrontation that ought to happen now, and in full view of the voters.

This domestic show down is arriving just as the chaos the president has consented to in the Middle East compound the soaring cost of gasoline in the United States. The New York Times can use every headline from now until November to tell us what a wonderful job the president has done, but the stumbling economy at home and the raging fires abroad won’t be obscured.

All the Congressional GOP and the party’s candidates for president need to is point to what has been done and ask the voters to consider Reagan v. Carter. There are ways out of this mess, but we have to hurry, and we have to start. The Speaker has it in his power to get the serious debate underway. Hope that he does not punt.


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