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How Long Will It Take To Clean Out D.C.?

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As John Hinderaker makes clear in this Powerline post and related links, the Obama Justice Department has been dragged far to the left by the hiring done in the Obama Administration’s first 30 months.

Read through PJTV’s long series on the subject —it begins here and subsequent articles are linked here— but keep in mind that there are lawyers in every agency –10,000 in the Department of Defense alone, according to Donald Rumsfeld– and that while it is possible to remove them more easily than ordinary civil servants,they are not usually Schedule C political appointees who can be dismissed in the first hour of an Administration, but typically Schedule A hires, and sometimes they “burrow” into the “Competitive Service.” (I was the Deputy Director and General Counsel of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management during President Reagan’s second term, and some agencies were still trying to pry out the Carter-era appointees who had found a way to transform themselves from political appointees to protected career status.)

President Obama has brought thousands and thousands of hard left ideologues into his Administration –as the law entitled him to do.

Imagine a horde of say 10,000 lefty lawyers spreading out from D.C., through the agencies, and from the agencies to the regulated portions of the American economy (pretty much all of it) and looking for significance via their lawyering and especially via their rulemaking legacy. Think of the legal equivalent of the BP spill, with every week and every day seeing the products of this legion of lefty lawyers lapping up on the shores of American business. I don’t have to batter the metaphor any more than I have to convey that this clean-up will be an enormous undertaking, and whomever is running President Romney’s or President Perry’s Office of Presidential Personnel will have to have an iron will to get the lefties back into their foundations and teaching jobs and away from the levers of power in the agencies.

It would be very useful if the big two candidates —I am not falling for the Christie story, the crack-cocaine of political pundits— began referring to the huge effort it will take to clean out the Obama hangers-on even after 44 has retired to Chicago to complain and nurse his grievances against the CBC and everyone else for refusing to give up their slippers. The younger lefty lawyers especially aren’t going to want to leave and try and find jobs in the business sectors they formerly regulated and those businesses aren’t going to want them.

Governors Romney and Perry both want to roll back the explosion of government that has occurred during the Alinksyite era. I would love to hear them express their awareness of how deep the problem goes and their commitment to remedying it.



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