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How Gore Vidal Turned Michele Bachmann Into A Republican

Saturday, June 25, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt


And other key elements of the Minnesota Congresswoman’s biography are available in Matthew Continetti’s fine profile in the new Weekly Standard,“Queen of the Tea Party.”

George Will on the other hand essays about Rick Perry in today’s column.

Will writes that the GOP “contest probably will become a binary choice –Romney and the Not Romney candidate.” At this point the race to be Not Romney is an intramural contest between Bachmann and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, with Governor Pawlenty hoping to use his standing and network in Iowa to lay his claim. Michele Bachmann is a prolific fundraiser, and even as accomplished a campaigner as Rick Perry will find it hard to match her impact on a room
of Tea Party activists in Iowa or New Hampshire. (Her campaign website is here.)

I have introduced and interviewed all four of these candidates –Pawlenty and Romney just this week– and each is a gifted politician. They are also genuinely pleasant and optimistic people, and hard to imagine in a bitter, knock-down contest extending over months. Four energetic, enthused and determined candidates means many bad months for President Obama as each member of the quartet delivers powerful indictments of a failed presidency.

The Obama-loving MSM will be invested in igniting and embittering the battle between the GOP contenders and emphasizing the few disagreements, but the field is by-and-large united in the indictment of Obama, and every fair debate will see a broadside of direct hits on the White House, effectively delivered from every speaker.

Democrats keep telling themselves it is a weak field, but four conservative critiques of the president being delivered every day in a variety of venues and especially in media will increase the focus on Obama’s dismal record and the economic ruin he has fashioned.

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