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How Far Will The Blago Scandal Spread?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Reading Eric Zorn’s assessment of the Blagojevitch’s character, and the prospect of the governor’s singing as compulsively as he has broken laws must have a lot of Chicagoland pols and players very worried indeed.

The Tribune’s John Kass says that Blago has only one choice: To sing loud and long.

The number of long-time Chicagoland figures in and around the president-elect’s inner circle is so large as to make a Blago-connection to at least some of them inevitable. I don’t know why the president-elect did not take the opportunity today to take many questions about his relationship with Blagojevitch. Obvious questions that will have to be answered by the president-elect in detail: When did you first meet with B? How often and how closely have you worked with him? Did you know his chief-of-staff? If any member of your Administration is implicated in any of these scandals, will you dismiss them immediately?

The MSM issued a huge pass to candidate Obama during the election when it came to Rezko et al. They cannot keep that up through an entire presidency.

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